Rolex Chelini Cellini Time watch

I have a soft spot for the replica rolex watches series, not only because of my classical old things have a sense of close proximity, but also because of its simple introverted. 2014 new fake watches series Cellini Time watch is shining, in the traditional tradition of traditional watchmaking, based on the Celini Cellini Time watch to do a new modern style of the attempt: a new horn-shaped lock patented crown design, Long and elegant Roman numerals show that the minutes of the track separated by the harmony of the length of the Roman numerals mark, is such a simple and perfect watch shocked me, so I am more obsessed with. \ I believe that simple is the most natural return, which also explains why eternal classic and most of the time will be ordinary and dependent. I think, 2014, Rolex Chelini series Cellini Time watch is a classic watch for the classic, only time, minutes, seconds show as a daily time needs to be fine distribution in the white paint or black paint dial. This Celini Cellini Time series of three-pin design, simple and neat, with automatic winding chronograph movement, simple and flawless, it is unable to stop. Rolex Chelini Cellini Time watch with elegant and elegant bright black crocodile leather strap, 18ct gold buckle, intimate and comfortable, the details of the Department to show elegant style. \ Rolex Celini Cellini Time series has 50505 red gold flour, red gold black surface, and model 50509 white gold flour, platinum black surface four styles, the price is unified for 12,500 euros.